Revenue Share - Up to 75%

We offer up to 75% of our revenue to our partners in addition to bonus days to coincide with holidays and special events. We pay on all initial join and rebills for the life of each member.

All of our sites feature consistent regular updates of exclusive high definition content that makes the value of your traffic continue to rise each month the user retains.

Pay Per Signup - Up to $50

If you're looking for immediate return on your traffic investment then we can offer up to $50 pay per signup. We have trial and non-trial programs as well as discount offers available depending on the source of your traffic and what is needed.

Consumers have become more and more savvy in today's age and giving them a product that suits their interests and needs will enable your traffic to perform at it's optimum level.

Referral Bonus - Up to 10%

Refer other webmasters and receive from 5% referral bonus off of all future sales for lifetime! There are no limits and we can provide custom tools upon request.

If you feel you have an optimum channel for referrals or a connection that would benefit us we're open to discuss increased referral bonus levels depending on the situation.